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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Remind me to have a peek through your's dave... cos i've found them vague (as with all leups)... but enough do the job with them to show they can work in the right hands.

Odd that we now have this debate about scopes, when it's been mooted for ages that guns are a personal preference.

Next year will be interesting, certainly abroad, the era of the super scope is being entered, but perhaps without the expected results. With rumours of perhaps a dozen march's appearing on the circuit, and a handful of PMII's we might be seeing another progression similar to what the leupolds did (i certainly remember Newbury being filled with gold rings 5-6 years ago at the inters). But then the same thing happened with the pcp, and everything else that's come along as the game has progressed.

Looking at it the other way, yes the 3k scope is here, and the 2-3k rifle, but i still don't think that buys you a title... it may very well get you an advantage, but there's no replacement for using your skill with the kit rather than just relying on it. Calps is still using a hammerited nikko and some old ev2 to great effect... anyone fancy spending that money and thinking he would be pushed into the shade?
At Anston in the Winter league today I convinced myself that the scope was under ranging (saw a shot drop low in a kill) - decided to second guess the scope and add 2 yards on. Missed next target by by splitting it at 12 o'clock - 29ex30 - trust your scope LESSON LEARNED
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