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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

A bit skewed by regional scores being lead by the top shots of that region, as a 100% regional score means all those who attended that shoot had their % based around you... but very interesting all the same.

if you click on the column name, it will have an arrow to allow you to sort by that column...

cheers for that, massages the old ego nicely
Yeah, the data can be cut in a lot of ways and you can always criticise the way chosen, it will never be perfect, particularly when some regions submit their WL scores for grading and some don't.

I thought it would be interesting to stick a stake in the ground and see who came out top.
I don't think many will argue with the top 20 (ish)?

As I've managed to get you up to 6th, does this mean I get a STB badge?
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