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Originally Posted by Magic Bus View Post
We had a really good morning at the club today. First off the weather was definitely warmer due to a bit of sunshine and the absence of any wind. We had a young lad and his dad come along for the first time. Put some close targets out in the practice lane for them which they enjoyed hitting and then off to the main course. The nice thing was they had a bit of success and a lot of fun. They reckon they'll be back After that some work getting a course ready for our round of the Winter League, cutting gorse, changing strings and sorting out target bases for the Pit Of Doom. Oh yes, there will be three lanes in the Pit. Fenland shooters, pray for a still day on the 13th. Finished the morning off by sorting the windage out on my springer scope which was out by an inch to the left at 35 yards
Chris you still have two weeks to change your mind about the pit of doom, change them to high tree shoots.
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