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the averages may include WL scores it depends on whether your region has submitted them to the Grading Officer.

Here, Phil has pulled off only those who have submitted 20 or more scores from BFTA/WL shoots.

You don't need 20 shoots to get a grade.

The Grading list will contine to be updated each month but this doesn't change your BFTA grade. On the list you will see two grades, the one you started the WL on (your BFTA grade) and the grade that your present average would be graded at. Then on the 31st of March 2011 your present average will become your new BFTA grade. This will be your grade for the entire summer season. It will change, or not, after the Euros in September. So the process is your grade can change only twice a year; at the end of March and after the Euros

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