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Originally Posted by SCOTTY73 View Post
I'm with Shaun & Andrew on this one too think that a copy of the rules should be avalible to all shooters at all BFTA related comps.I only looked at the rules in depth when i read this post ?
What about incorporating it into the score card some how so it folds
Or may be the rules could be put into a pocket type book & issued when you get your BFTA card surely a small laminated rule book won't cost the earth ????
Interesting what Rob said about kneelers anyone know of any pictures froma side elevation that show a perfect non rule breaking position.
I'm all for an even playing field !Rules are good but we are doing this to enjoy the sport too
Well done Andrew by the way on the Anglo win you are now my official Hero blown Neil out !
have a look here scott mr doe does ft on youtube

and here on codnor web site in rules under ft rules


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