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This provision has been in force for many years over here. It is common sense and as quite rightly mentioned, if you have kids or teenagers, having it secured gives you extra peace of mind when you go out of the house.

PCP air rifles have recently been officially classified as "firearms" under NZ Arms Act. This now means we all have to have FAL for them, and secure storage for the rifle (steel safe or robust cabinet type storage, locked peli case is not sufficient).

While stored, we also have firearms deactivated by removing the bolt and storing separately with the ammo in a separate locked container elsewhere in the house. With PCP air rifles that means the air cylinder can be removed, if you cannot remove the air cylinder then a trigger lock has to be in place inside the safe/cabinet.

Seems annoying, but actually its well worth doing, and if everyone does it, only the muppets will get prosecuted when they come to the attention of your police forces.

Such is life.........its always those on the fringes of a sport which cause the most trouble and ruin it for genuine responsible enthusiasts.

As an aside, now we can get Firearms export/import permits issued if we want to travel internationally, and EFP as well.....on the whole better for us in the long run.


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