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So we have established that the best scope for FT is a personal thing?

Regarding the S&B FT, and I don't feel the need to justify to myself the money spent on one because I didn't, but I feel I should at least defend it a little

Firstly I won the MFTA winter league and BFTA GP series using the S&B FT scope so that is hot and cold sorted, yes it moves with temp, something I have never denied, but what is important is that you know your equipment. The S&B is totally predictable, practice, shoot and learn.

S&B should at least be given credit for having a stab at making an FT scope, I think perhaps they were a little silly to make claims that they couldn't live up to but I am sure they have realised that mistake by now. I also suspect that they couldn't give a stuff either, lets be honest if you wanted to buy top quality optics for shooting game and/or taliban (which is where they make their money) S&B would be at the top of your list (wallet allowing) even if you are one of a handful of their potential customers that has even heard of the S&B FT scope.

Although I don't use mine in competition at the moment (which is another story) I had a squint through it today, wow! I had forgotten how clear this scope is and it really does feel like you could hammer nails in with it.

As for pricing, isn't it always what the market will stand?

Best FT scope? Dunno
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