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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
If it was a dedicated FT scope it would have come with a sidewheel, a spirit level, a sunshade and it would have come with an above average ability to range find. Instead it was just a poor excuse to stick a giant price tag on high mag scope and charge a fortune for all the vital missing kit!
How much was the optional spirit level?.......................170

Good way to make money, it was however designed and intended for FT use
A lot of guys dont like spirit levels on their scope and prefer it direct on the action, some don't use a sinshade and as to sidewheel, opinions will vary as what is the preferred size so the extras are not vital however I do agree it was a tad cheeky not to at least include some form of wheel in their price tag.

P.S. buy a March it will have everything you are looking for, they even come (with mounts I think).
I think we can agree it was a **** scope unlike every other scope they have produced (I assume)
The fact that spirit levels are a personal choice doesn't excuse the joke price of 170
And a sidewheel is vital. (And I think a sunshade is also vital)
It may have been intended as an FT scope but it's design was flawed, and flawed in the most critical of areas. Making it a white elephant and a tiny (but annoying) thorn in S&B's side. May they learn their greedy lesson.
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