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Default S&B FT scope

Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
If it was a dedicated FT scope it would have come with a sidewheel, a spirit level, a sunshade and it would have come with an above average ability to range find. Instead it was just a poor excuse to stick a giant price tag on high mag scope and charge a fortune for all the vital missing kit!
How much was the optional spirit level?.......................170
If they had designed it specifically for FT, it wouldn't have ended up unfit for purpose and less able to range find than a ZOS.

That particular scope was designed and made for the FT market, I remember in Poland for the World Champs when S&B were there asking the FT crowd about reticles that would be suited for Ft etc.

The scope was designed for FT but wasnt good enough sadly. The extras you speak about S&B produced purely for the Ft scope. No other manufacturer makes the extras like S&B did. They could see that instead of selling them with the scope they would sell it as an extra to make more money???

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