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Originally Posted by ANDREW GILLOTT View Post
o.k Rob everything you said in your last post is correct and well explained. Do we just carry on then? It`s o.k to cheat? No, I dont think you think it is for a minute. So lets try and implement a few changes into FT that improves the standard of up-holding the rules. Lets start by making sure all competitors know the rules. Hand them out at the beginning of the competition or have them post at booking in station. We know whats wrong put forward some suggestions to improve it.
This years winter league wil be my 3rd year shooting (2nd year in GP`s but only shot 2 last year) and I never looked at the BFTA rules till some one pointed out the firing line rule
I just went on others information (word of mouth)
I think all BFTA clubs should issue all new members with a copy of the rules even if they are not intending to shoot comps
Then if like me they decide to shoot comps at least they will know the rules

roll on Newbury

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