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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
Well correct me if I am wrong here but the S&B produced and designed their FT model purely for FT It was a totally new model in their range in design from early 2005 only released last year.
IMO they redesigned the parralax for close range work and thats where their problems probably stem. Look at the PM2 toatlly different beast


P.S. I have a big nikko and it does the job for FT as well as anything out there, tad heavy but I like a heavy gun, ranges the same all day every day 365 days of the year
If it was a dedicated FT scope it would have come with a sidewheel, a spirit level, a sunshade and it would have come with an above average ability to range find. Instead it was just a poor excuse to stick a giant price tag on high mag scope and charge a fortune for all the vital missing kit!
How much was the optional spirit level?.......................170
If they had designed it specifically for FT, it wouldn't have ended up unfit for purpose and less able to range find than a ZOS.
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