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Default Wind Chill

Managed a short "test session today
But by hell it was cold, felt like about 1 or 2 degrees and with a biting wind, trigger finger had enough after about 20 mins!

Anyway, No 1 Luep back on the REV and away to go, about 2 clicks out! God these BkL are good!

Cleaned the barrel, zeroed and on to the 50 + 45 m boards. Scope is working fine so i dont think my eyes have gone, must be the Ultra?
Groups were good, but did have a couple of low shots.
Now after yesterday i was worried but it was too cold to do a full test so just carried on testing dialing points etc.
I think its ready for Sunday's outing at Bucaneers but Woddy may not get the whooping he deservers and is expecting

Went back on the 45 + 50 boards before leaving and the wind had dropped, but again got low shots. Maybe half - 3/4 inch low, enough to miss a full kill.
Then thaught about testing different pellets and sizing.
as it was too cold I just sized 5 of the pellets in the pouch and group was very good, so sized for sunday?

Just need a good test on a "warmer" day or a crono at home to do the whole charge.
On the whole, gun seems ok.

Shame cant be said for the Ulta. Re-set the wheel and same result, seems as if something is slipping inside and thus it needs repair as the marks become out of sync!

Had a quick play with the replacement Ultra from holly, marks looked tight but it snapped in out.
It was just too cold to bother setting up correctly so thats a job for next week to see if it gets the Job and its hobnobs!
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