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Default Best FT scope

As Dale has mentioned it is down to personal choice.

Ive got my March 8x80 and think it is the best FT scope out there, I am biased obviously but everytime I go out and use it in comps I am blown away more and more.

The range finding is stunning with the scope, I set it up in cold weather -6C to be exact and have since used it at warmest so far +12-13C. The rang finding on targets over 30 yards havent moved, anything closer it is range finding about a quarter yards over.

With a variation of 18 degrees from setting up I am happy with that. I will be waiting for the right day where the temp is about 20C and then fully check the scope to see if I need to make any changes to the ranges. It is rare to wait for a day where the temp reaches 25-30C in Britain. I have got the house running at about 22C inside to keep the missus warm, I have a chimney pot behind my house which is 48 yards away. I have left the scope and rifle outside when the snow was down and temp was about -8C and it ranged 48 yards. I brought it back in and let it waarm up for a few hours on the radiator and checked it and again it ranged 48 yards. So Im happy to say the least.

Some of the lads seem to be favouring the S&B PMII 50 mag which are well built nice scopes but again take the price over the 2k mark like the March....

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