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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Hollies scope and the REV turned up at 12.58pm.

Bugger, 2 minutes more and i could have had my money back!

anyway, as such could not be arsed rushing today as a full ish day is on the card Friday to set up.

Did discover one thing. Once you have shot your usually trust worthy Combro then repaired it with insulation tape, it may be even worse than it was before at guessing how fast that pellet was?

Decided to do a quick chrono check?

789,789,790,787, 787. consistancy nice.

Bit low? Turn it up. 795, 795 750! 795, 755

Right, Combro onto BEV. 809,807.

Back onto Rev but not quite in the same position. 822, 820,818.

Bugger this, turned it back down to 790 and shoot at the club Friday. any 750 shots at 55 yards will soon show themselves? If there are none, and I really dont expect to see any, then i shall finish off by shooting the Combro and killing it off for good!

Right, decent Chrono wanted?
Have a word with kilty he has about four . he was trying to flog me one sunday ??? HOLLY
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