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Default The Legendary Scotland trip May 8th

Hi all

Last year a few of us at MAD decided we would pay a visit to the lads up North....(way way North) as they had been coming down here for a good while. After one thing and another it was cancelled sadly...but its all been changed this year and May 8th is the due date. As far as i know at the moment flights are cheap as haggis..i mean chips and you can fly up there for about 18 and get back for 22 on Easyjet...Not even a Scotsman would worry about that price . Mr Chillingworth is going to drive and take a good few guns up there so you don't have to worry about taking them on the plane which is handy. Mr Bainbridge is also driving up and will also be able to take some guns ( only worry is that your gun develops Tourettes??). As it stands there are a good few from MAD going as i am sure it will be a proper event, and talking of the event itself, Kenny has told me that there will be a 30 shot course in the morning then a 30 shot course in the afternoon so well worth the trip for sure.There will be more info as i get it. Mr Chill will be putting up the flight details as i cant do hyperlinks and i am waiting to hear about accommodation, once i do then i will put it up on here ASAP!

So anyone want to come and have a giggle way up North??

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