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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Right, back to world domination.

Lets see, last time out Walther was outstanding, thanks to my sizer. Then I nearly beat it with my TMNJR on sunday, so obviously Walthers are one shoot wonders

REV is due back tomorrow so its set up day, back in the GC stock, No 1 Luep on top and check out down Tondu. Test with straight from tim dai 35,19, 60 and 40, then sized.

Ultra 2 is due from Nice Mr.Holly same day to so hopefully back up BEV will be ready to go for the weekend as well. Ordered another Gary Cane for BEV, should be here by Gp1?

Then its a case of getting the TMNJR off for a service and setting that up with Falcon pellets for Hft.

Hopefully, by this time Thursday Good news will be at the end of my fingers.

Can then do it all again Friday practicing in preperation for Woddy Whooping Sunday
This is making mme feel tired just reading this ??? HOLLY
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