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dont be coy Andy , what have you seen? I know the Neil has made a mention of it on another forum.

having shot both, I think the HFT boys have probably a better grasp/mentality to the rules right down to grass roots, probably because from the outset (or since i've been shooting them) the rules have been drummed in from the top down.

I think the problem with FT is that it's become blasť with the rules that shooters feel don't give an advantage, or because of the grading, doesn't affect them.

Clocks is another one. I'll put my hand up and say that i've started it late etc, mostly being distracted by banter later on the course when concentration wanders. But I like being under the clock... i like to know where I am on time, and it actually upsets my routine on a timed shoot if i don't hear 1min being called out. Really sends me off when i'm on positionals because that's when you like to know what time you have to play with.

Kneeling is always a pain. It's very easy to break the rules without realising it, by sitting a large bean bag a tad or by letting that fore-end touch the arm. It's also a pain because some people's positions and clothing make it difficult to see... a baggy coat makes the forearm difficult to see if it's touching, and same with the backside touching the bag.

I guess the question is really how the policing should go... do we want rule nazi's running around or do we just want quiet words in ears? Thing is, your going to be spending 2-3 hours with your partners... i'd prefer it be enjoyable rather than prickly... but then rules are rules.

Perhaps it needs mentioning to Tony/Roger and they can see what they can come up with?
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