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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Hmmm and i thought all FT rules were perfect, as the way some FT shooters who don't do HFT seem to pick on the rules, so i thought this was because they couldn't find faults with their own

dont mention kneeling Pete ... that's a can of worms in FT as well.

I think there's a number of contributary factors... worn firing points, no marker between lane posts, and even just reaching forward to pull a string for wind... for some reason your foot can end up over the line... and i'm not sure it's for advantage, perhaps just comfort... (is that an advantage though?)

But Pete's right, it needs either enforcing or changing. Trigger behind the line might work better?.. it removes the need for breaking the back to reach for a string.

As well, there used to be something about adding and removing items of clothing, but I can't find it... but i've seen plenty remove and add gloves to suit their position, using them often as a knee pad between gun and knee.
If that rules still exists though, all you need is a bit of string to remain attached... it should be changed so that the item should be worn at all times as the item is intended to be.
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