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nice rich...

I think one aspect of FT that is different to standing indoors, is that you aren't dealing with a static setup, so it's good to work on Natural Point of Aim skills (NPA) as well as working on feeling when it's bad enough to break and rebuild, or as good as it's going to get. But at least practicing indoors helps you get to a point where you maybe more confident in ideal conditions first.

I go with the theory that fast quick constant wobbles suggest a support problem, whereas slow meandering wobbles suggest a body balance problem.

If it looks like support is good, it's always worth playing with hanging some weight off the front and back to see if there's an improvement in the feel... for standers, the balance point should be somewhere around the ideal support point of the left hand (for a right handed shooter)...but some people's support point is quite far forward of ideal because their stock is too deep to allow an upright forearm.
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