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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Firstly though is to make sure you feel comfortable in your standing position. Alot of people think they are comfortable but when you see them all scrunched up where the stock is too short or the butt hook is too high you can see their mistake but they cant. The best standing shots if you watch them look comfortable when they are shooting, that could be standing, kneeling or sitting. Thats the start you want to get done first...
A Video camera is a great tool for this. Set up the camera so it records you in profile. So if you are right handed record the right hand side. Record about 5 minutes of you shooting standers/kneelers/sitters.

Then in the privacy of your own home (is best unless you want the P ripped out of you ) study the footage. I actually copied this to my PC and looked at it frame by frame. You can then see what bad habits you have got and try to correct them. For me I found I would fire the shot and then move my head rather than see the target being hiot on Kneelers.

You could repeat it for upward and downward shots as well.
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