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Steve. I know how you feel. I have started spending time on my standers. Some days I am great. some days I am terible. I have however found that inevitably when I am terible I am forgetting something. My routine. 1) line target up 2) sholder rifle 3) shuffle feet 4) breath 5) if when not on target then shuffle feet again - I have found that if I skip this I and force the direction is when all starts going pear shaped 6) make sure I relax all my musles, especialy the ones in my butt 6) relax trigger hand 7) breath 8) drop the 10mm @ 15m Yeah right

Anyways, get into a routine with the standers. And the most important thing I feel is to relax your mussles. If you cant and have to have something tense to get onto target then you are not aligned to the target so shuffle your feet.
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