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Default Wafta Winter series Rd 4 2011- Tondu

Wafta Winter series Rd 4 2011- Tondu

Not a Bad Turnout today for a winter Rd, thanks to all that attended. Hope you all enjoyed the cou[/I]rse.

Dancing away with top spot was Team "Rivers West" member Berty Basset, just a 35 yard stander and a 40 odd yard sitter did the EV2 shooter.
Craig Morgan Ripped his way to top Ringer "B" class spot with an "A" class 33, 2 stander and 4 reducers point the way to where the practise is needed.
Top "C" class score and another good expample of how grading can fail, Mathew Cook rustled up an Ev2- 32 to show his Walther Master how it should be done. Early nerves again though cost him a tartget that should have fallen and again it was positionals that spoilt the Cooks Sunday lunch(time)!

Results and some photos below, some details later when i have collated information....all in Jest!

A class
1Mark "Berty" Bassett 38
2John "The Bank" Lewis 36
3Gary "The not So Tall" Powell 36
4Jack "Balls out" Harris 34
5Gwyne "1" Robinson 34
6Mike "Chrono" williams 33
7Dave "I`m too old" Gage 33
8Mike "T50" Long 30
9Peter "34 is still going" Jaco b 30
10Jason "Not firing blanks" Davies 27
11Chris "Red Ripper" Land 29
12Derk "26" Bendon 28
13Jason "B class that V way" Harris 24

B class
1Craig "reducer" Morgan 33
2Dean "I'm Having Jacob this year" Jukes 30
3Simon "Sporting cause all my other guns are Broke" Evans 29
4Steve " Qualified" Kociombas" 29
5Russel "I hit the 15ml " Summers 28
6Vince "Not Kneelers" Bowen 28
7John "Beat by Dad again" Kociombas 27
8Steve "Reducers, standers,Nkeelers, sitters" Chubb 26
9Chris"Wish I baught an Ev2" Walton 25
10Gareth "Whos behind me?"James 25
11Rees "Kneelers" Bowen 24
12Gethin "Stnaders to Long" Long 23
13Craig "Top of the Bank" Corbett 22
14Les "Top springer" Davies 22
15George "wish I had a walking stick" Loader 19

C class

1Mathew "Glad i did not buy a Walther" Cook 32
2Lloyd "Kneelers" Summers 26
3S. "Steve? Scott? Sue?" James 19
4Jay "Should have joined Tondu" Davies 18
5Steve "Wish i had not sold the EV2" 17
6Garth " I need a Big nikko" Rees 16
7Mathew " I need an NJR 100" Rainbow 9
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