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Originally Posted by wayne509 View Post
Case problem hopefully sorted with a couple of the FT Monki Soft cases in the pipeline.
Have a few sets of sportsmatch mounts here so hopefully have something suitable. I will treat him to a cushion so really just the rifle and scope to think about.

Nikko targetmaster was what i had in mind and a second hand 400. Might try to pick up a 400 with a hamster already fitted and if he really gets into it, look for a better stock at a later date.

Seems like this is the way to go.
get a classic rather than the carbine, more shots (70 good ones) with a classic, I agree with willbe about scopes, 32 mag would be OK. I had a big zos on a 400 classic, 2 main problems, 1) they are heavy and makes the gun difficult to hold still, 2) I became convinced that the movement of the reticle when dialling was inconsistant. This meant that when you moved the turret from say a 30 yd target to a 45 yd one, and then back to 30 yds, the cross hairs didn't end up in the same place they start from! Difficult to prove, but that was what I felt, changing to a Nikko impoved my scores immediately
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