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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Would certainly go for the S400, reliable and accurate, as for the MPR basicly a S400 in a target stock, that can be possibly looked at later. Hopefully that should leave 250-300 for scope, mounts, a seat and riflecase. Scopewise I would look at Hawke Sidewinder or Nikko Targetmaster, ideally up to 32mag. That way you can buy new and get a good few years out of them without taking the risks the second hand market sometimes poses. Also a top tip, a GOOD set of mounts!

Case problem hopefully sorted with a couple of the FT Monki Soft cases in the pipeline.
Have a few sets of sportsmatch mounts here so hopefully have something suitable. I will treat him to a cushion so really just the rifle and scope to think about.

Nikko targetmaster was what i had in mind and a second hand 400. Might try to pick up a 400 with a hamster already fitted and if he really gets into it, look for a better stock at a later date.

Seems like this is the way to go.

Cheers guys

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