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Default Shooters information

Hi mates!
We are trying to organize as well as possible the transport of the English shooters crew and the border authorities permissions, so we’ll need you fulfil the information in the attached sheet and send me back ( the same or similar sheet) to my personal e-mail address : to be properly gathered.

In order to avoid having you to hire a cars saving some money and to facilitate your venue, we are trying to organize a bus of 24 places from the airport to the Zumarraga’s hotel Etxeberri on 15th. of July ( only one travel in the most common arrival hour).
Decision to use this bus will be depending of :
a) How many participants are coming by flight
b) The arrival time of possible different flights. ( The bus could wait about 2 hours in the airport from one flight to an other flight, if necessary )

The bus cost is 280€ and should be paid by the users. # If they are 10 shooters each one must pay 28€#

The return from Zumarraga to the airport will be done only one of the days 17th. or 18th. depending of :
a) How many shooters will leave Zumarraga on 17th.or 18th.
b) What’s the flight departure time.

The return bus cost is about 230€ and should be paid with the same sharing criteria

English shooters transport from the hotel to the course ,and vice versa should be done by the bus also with only one travel in each direction at one exactly time.
People who left this bus should contact with AFTE members to be transported by their cars.

After all the information was gathered I will inform you about decision. As early we knew all the data as quick we’ll take the decision

As you can see, we are trying to organize your venue as best as possible, so we need your help to know all the possible information in the attached sheet.

Thanks so much in advance
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