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Now before reading i am an FT shooter and have only done a few HFT shoots but i have asked new members and the juniors why they shoot and what made them choose HFT over FT.

I dont think personally its prizes that make FT shooters shoot. Its just the nature of the game that draws us in.
I personally have shot for a number of years and dont need the added prizes to make me want to shoot FT.(though winning something would make my day)

Its easier to get into HFT because you walk into a gun shop and you get a good deal on a combo.(small mag scope and s400)
Go to a club and sit on the bench a little and shoot the nearer targets do a bit of standing realise that your waving all over the place decide sitting might be easier and find its not really comfortable.

Hence now laying on the floor pretending to shoot that bunny 30 yrds away find it very stable can hit said target and now want to possibly enter a competition. It takes less effort and you have the tools for the job to play HFT.
I AM NOT SAYING HFT IS AN EASIER SPORT just less effort out of the box to enter.

FT is uncomfortable and you cant get far without changing the small mag scope which is possibly a big expense even at entry level.
Then FT has more targets to hit per course so more effort in the stamina and concentration front which for the younger generation is hard most of the time. Not only that its heart breaking to realise the scoring is a hit if the target falls but nothing in this game for a plate hit.

I have given my gun over to these members to use and they have loved the big scope and say when they get bored or have more money they may try FT. Some are now setting up a second gun just to see if FT is for them.

So hoping my charm and the good people on the FT curcuit win them over.

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