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Default Junior shooters

Originally Posted by Suzukiphil View Post
Agreed Berty,
Bodies like the BFTA can only exist through membership fees. Sponsorship, merchandise etc an help but the key to developing FT in the UK will be through individual shooters supporting a national body by becoming members. The more members you have the more sponsorship you can command (mind you, you did a cracking job on that for last season). I notice that HFT has more young shooters which is also an area that BFTA need to look at, how can we bring them in, and more importantly keep them interested.
I agree entirely,

Ive brought the idea of a top jnr shooter on the day at each gp for this season and everyone liked it, so thats been added.

With the club teams cup as well, alot of juniors can represent their clubs at the gp's which will help Im sure.
Just ideas I thought of and ideas people passed to me.

It would assist if the BFTA had more finances via support through shooters cards etc for more prizes. I am looking at a different way of having a big raffle prize at every round and still have a good raffle at the last GP of the year at Sywell. That means we wont have as much at the end of the season but there should be more big prizes throughout the season...

I just hope I can sort it for the start of the season??? One other thing I need is support off the lads with pics and articles from each round. The more advertising etc we can pull in the better it will be for myself to get the support the Manufacturers want to give the sport...

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