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Having owned 8 4200 8x32 and 6 6500 4.5-30 I would say the 4200 has brighter clearer optics. The 6500 is a better FT scope due to the sidewheel, front paralax is a PITA.
The 6500 wil re paralax down to 17/18yd and stil go out to 65/70 yd with the benifit of opening out markings at 50-55yd. Use a Leupold 50ft adapter below 17yd.With a small 75mm sidewheel the 50/55yd marks are still 7-8mm apart. Rangefinding takes a little practice as the scope dosens snap in and out as others do. Once you know what to look for it is as reliable as the Leup comp yard for yard when I compare to my mates 40x45 Leup.

Given the 6500 15oz weight saving over the Big Nikko for me it is well worth the effort getting it sorted. It worked for me winning Midland winter league B grade last year with 78% a most other shooters were using Nikkos and mostly Leup Comps. The Bushnell is as good as it gets in FT scopes at the moment anhav d wil cutit with the best.

As for Hollies comments, none of my six 6500 have had optics like that.
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