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Originally Posted by dutoitk View Post
For those wondering what the batch numbers represent.

an extract from Pavel's mail

"Regarding your question about JSB pellets marking. The numbers are actually
as follows:

"5005209 8 4.52"

Die no 05
Employee in production 00 (not marked in your case)
Quality inspector 52
Manufacture date 09
Batch 8
Size 4.52"

Die 05 is printed as 5.

Thats a strange one as all the batches of JSB pellets I've every used all had 00 after the first digit, seems strange they would stick them in if they don't mean anything in this case.

I was originally told for a 5005209 4.52 8

50 - Die Number
052 - operator id
09 - year of manufacture
4.52 - head size
8 - Batch number
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