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Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
It looks to be for the Sales section access only, see:
In order to have the privilege of Sales forum access you MUST complete ALL required fields in your user profile, conditions of access are:

*Name & Address (full):- This must be your permanent address and must be in the UK.
*You must be a regular member and known to others on the forum.
*You must apply to the administrators for access.
*You will be required to have 2 forum members as referees.
*Minimum post count as set by the Admins.

Too bad, I'm in NL, but I wish them good luck to get 2 referees, as not many people have joined there until now.
Anyway, happy to be on this forum

I can't access anything, every link just takes me to the user control panel and asks for name and address and no mention of sales section...most odd
But as you've said STB is the place to be Can't really see the need for the SOC when all the info is already available on STB
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