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Originally Posted by subaru swift View Post

yayyyy another 2 stokies !!

hi & welcome folks to a great forum, i come from stoke too but i shoot at Furnace Mill near kidderminster as my lady lives at bromsgroves near there.

but i hear there is a outdoor range near trentham & a indoor one at longton what i will be going to soon, as i love shooting.... .

so maybe see you around or in a comp soon, as i am a new comer well 1 year in now & still learning a lot of stuff to this dark art.

have fun


How do Kenny
I've not heard of an outdoor range near Trentham mate, if you find out exactly where it is mate please let me know as I'd be interested at having a look. The two most local places to us for HFT and FT (Practice only as no formal competitions) are 'Quarnford Airgunners' (not shooting again until March due to the location / weather situation) just off the Leek to Buxton road and 'Rough Wedge' on the edge of Cannock Chase near to Hednesford. Both great places with the usual friendly bunch of folk.

All the best

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