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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
One of our club members is having a few problems with his EV2 that I am hoping the esteemed members of this forum may be able to assist us fixing it.

His EV2 seems to be having having zeroing issues with respect to windage which is driving him mad. 2 Weeks ago we shooting at the club and the rifle was shooting slightly right. Set the windage correct on a 20yd target and everything was good. A few days later at our indoor range the pellets were going 1/2" left so again we set it back to zero and the following day at a competition he was shooting different wind to the rest of us

At the club the following Saturday we checked windage indoors at it was about 1" to the left again. At Christchurch things going weird again as the windage was 2 1/2" to the right. He is using a bag similar to one like this but about 45" long and 13" high.

It is just a bit worrying that its always the windage that is out, the elevation is fractionally different each time (<1/4"). Scope mounts are tight so beginning to wonder if its possibly the barrel or something like that.

Any help would be gratefully received as the poor lad is really getting down now.

Asking the same question on AirgunBBS in case someone knows there who is not on here.
Spent about 5 months when first started shooting trying to work this out on would even move whilst going round a course an quite severly as much as 5 clicks left an 6 clicks right as mr p has said the barrel is proberbly under tension and is moving has parts of the gun expand and contract with different atmospheric conditions....Floated the barrel on mine and touch wood since further isues..simple and easy to do.. Styers have simalar problem where the barrel passes throught the chassis on the fore end where most people i know have actually took a dremmel to the chassis to create more diameter in it so it dosnt touch.. Hope this helps
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