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Default MAD HFT club

Both our WINTER AND SUMMER LEAGUES are run with a handicap system in force.
Winter L. run though-out the dark nights ,shot with torches and very enjoyable fun for all ,MAX handicap is 5 while shooting 20 shot course,we set handicaps at the beginning of the series from zero to 5 depending on abilityif some-one comes to shoot for the first time we set therirs on the night ,we all put a 1.00 in the kitty and winner takes all ,you cant score more than 40 and whoever does they get in the shoot-off and get dropped 2 handicap points for next week ,it works and its done to get more people involved .

Summer league shot over 20 WEDNESDAY evenings from May to Sept.
30 targets ,Max handicap is 10 ,same max score is 60 any0ne over shoot-off and deduction in handicap for next week ,people can shoot from 4-30 till dark .
Again it works we sometime have 30plus shooters shooting though the week .
If they wer;nt handicaps you would have no-where here that number.
I also must add that we run a scratch league in conjunction with the handicap league at MAD because the clubs make-up means that the best shooter will and should always win .
If you want any more questions ans and I can be of any-more help please give me a call,check our web-site .
I;m the hanicap sec and its nice to listern to them good shooter crying like a baby when the handicaps come out at the start ,because as we all know

cheers please give it a try the folks will love it
Ian from MAD
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