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Default Challenge ?

I don't think the NJR is any more of a challenge than the walther or the EV2 . once i get mine sorted , i am gonna use em in the GP series . my old one when going properly was putting shots into a 20 mill circle at 50 yards . no problem . the one i bought off simon put shots into a ragged hole at 35 yards in a gale satrurday . so where is the challenge . maybe in reliability ? i have gone as far as to order a scope from the states to put on simons old one , to give it a fair chance ??? HOLLY
PS groups don't win GPs . putting 50 pellets through 50 40 mil kill zones do ? long as the rifle goes in to an inch and a half all is well . simon . do not get the bigger Comp Xs the 35 mag is enough .
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