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Originally Posted by LANKY MK View Post
I feel you dont owe me an apology Ryan since i dont blame you mate for the problems we had. Infact i want to thank you and Grego for the company round the course, allthough Greg spent most of the time feeling my breasts .

Infact it was the company around the course and the people i caught up with off the course that made the day enjoyable for me, thanks guys.
And I thought you only had hands for my moobs Grego, I'm hurt. I had a good time despite my poor performance, I never call a target as I can't see my pellet strike due to the massive recoil from my really difficult to shoot TX Thanks to everyone who make it happen and well done Ryan for not exploding like an IED, and well done to all who excelled themselves(or thier' sons, sorry Dave couldn't resist) in some really challenging conditions.
I look forward to the next round and seeing everyone again.
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