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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Interesting day at Tondu, sorting out yesterdays problems, the result of which are as I have the right Sizer and pellets all i need now is a Walther.
And a new scope!

puffed BEV to 190bar and grouped with sized 4.51 and straight from tim. No groups at all.
Cleaned barrel and much better when lead was back in the tube.

However, finding the right batch of pellets for your Barrel is the key and it seems what suits REV dont work as well in Black.
Luckily we had another batch of pellets and hey presto, Black is on form. Still cant make up mind if sizing is needed with BEV but need to order more of new Express.

Thats the Good news.

Suspected that all was not upright with the cross hairs after swapping mounts Saturday and indeed, when plumbed today the scope was miles out, listing so far its not surprising i capsized yesterday!

Prep work !

Now I have moved the side wheel on the Ultra about 4 times since saturday. However, it may be that i have accedently moved the objective lens and thus thrown my markings out?

Hope so, otherwise the Ultra has died

My gaps between 40 - 50 m have shrunk by half. 40m is now 45, 45 is 47 and 50 is 50 as i keep re-setting it to 50!
Just seems that things were moving today and they should not have been?

So wednesday will be play with scope day.

May also be buy Comp series day

i see no mention of the groups pete shot .... its ok i will still take all the credit
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