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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Hey you, get your own Beatch

I always appreciate the work that goes into putting out a course but would just like to mention that the Gamo targets and black paint didn't help the day. I think the reason there was a lot of stoppages was because people couldn't see a miss on the black faceplate so callled the target. There was also an instance where 4 shooters had shot a target, there were 3 hits on the kill and a single split and yet the target didn't fall but was passed as fine by the target checking tool.....

I find that my enjoyment falls rapidly when there are lots of stoppages. It's a flippin good job that it wasn't raining as a few more may have left the course before finishing. In this instance it may have been down to the Gamo targets but there is a culture of people calling targets all over the place. A good example was Emley on the Sunday last year. Every target bar one was a recently serviced knockover target and yet we had loads of stoppages. If you worked out how many targets are called it would indicate that 30 to 40% of the targets on a course are faulty. That's just not possible.

I would love to see a rule where you get a zero if calling a target and it's then proved that the target was fine. I know that there may the odd anomoly just like on Sunday where a clearly faulty target was passed by the target checking tool and the marshal. But we need to cut down on the stoppages where people have missed/split but won't accept the miss.

I still enjoyed the day though......good company, new and old friends and a nice setting.
Well said Chris but unless your using experienced marshals at every shoot I can see that causing a lot of whinges, don't get me wrong I happen to agree that it is an option that is worth looking at. Might cost some of the top lads a few points though
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