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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think half the trick is ignoring all the wind signs and going on what you have in your head.
Me thinks that was the problem with me, ignored the signs on second lane gave it straight down middle to see if hit a few mill off to the right, ok then 2nd target a bit closer give it just outside kill on left to see it land over 1/2kill further right .

It just carried on like that for the rest of the day, Melv however said he mainly gave it down the middle and scored a 27 and only missed when giving just inside kill and watch it hit just outside the kill side he was aiming at.

Like I said happy with my shooting just not haopy with my windage estimation. Had a go on zero range afterwards and 40yds was L-R wind and 55 yds went both ways by between 1/4 kill and 2 kills. A case of live and learn from experience.
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