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I think half the trick is ignoring all the wind signs and going on what you have in your head... but i still got caught out twice on the main range... happy as larry to drop the first long one after the kneelers straight down the throat, because it was a shot to nothing, and i hoped i'd see a miss to give me a clue so was worth a risk to me... 2nd one low down took a kill and a half to the right, which completely bemused me. Rest had a variety of down the throat, or way out to the right, but then i got caught out with a shot going even more left than i thought it would. Cant remember what i did on the pair of rats, but it seems to be by the second in that area. I've had a hard time in there with very little wind, bouncing off edges either giving it too much, too little or them going straight... i aint any easier unless it's dead as a dodo in there.

In the woods though, i lost most to not giving enough... the low rat in the first lane in there took twice as much as the one in the tree above, edge wasn't quite enough. Off the plate for the long one seemed to make sense, but i lost the longer stander to not giving any wind, and the shorter one to giving it... same with the kneeler, dropped on sweet and took it and got blown out. We wont talk about the last 2 standers!

Cheers for the photos si...
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