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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Andy . you won't get a soft course like you had today at ICENI ???? HOLLY
I know Holly as I will be helping put it out along with Bazza and the rest of Iceni.

Besides not unhappy with the way I was shooting mostly (a few brain outs) but mainly jjust trying to get hold of what the wind was doing. I mean for example 1 lane had 2 targets around 53-53yds spaces about a yard apart yet one takes right wind the other left wind. Strings blowing out to the right on another yet pellet hits under the crosshair. Give it inside edge of kill and it would go either flying across the kill or drift to the plate side you were aiming at.

Christchurch ground is in a bowl of ground with tress all around makes the wind do all sorts. I do not even think if you are a club member you can grasp what it does half the time.

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