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Originally Posted by Bombhead View Post
Credit to Ryan and Gerg and to Ed and far as I know the organisers (Ryan and Greg are the two names I know) don't get paid so do it for the love.......if stuff happens on the day so be it, why oh why to folk have to moan........yes there were stoppages today but the last three rounds have been fairly OK so maybe things balance out in the end.

And fair play and thanks to all who donned the high vis jackets today, another thankless task in the firing line

It's another great day out in my book.

I'm sorry mate if you didn't like my moan as you put it.Money's tight at the moment so when you drive a hundred miles to compete i don't think it's too much to expect for the course to be to UKAHFT format. If i've upset anybody with my views tough, i speak my mind as Ryan knows, better that than mouthing off at the shoot then coming on here saying how great it was.

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