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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Really, i missed the REV today more than the targets and there were plenty of misses there!

Back to Black for the trip to Christchurch.
Finally Managed to get an odd pair (out of 6) of Sportsmatch Mounts to point the Ultra roughly in line with the barrel yesterday at tondu, but amid the turmoil that is club day did not do much shooting especially given gusting gales!

So, onto the Zero today. Things got off to a poor start with a 45yard group about the size of a pellet tin
Must be these 4.51 sized pellets left over from Friday?
Opened a new tin, unsized. Slightly better, say 40ml group at 45 yards but not Ev2 results. Same at 50 + 55 yards and now the side wheel was out after fiddling yesterday. 50 was 55 and 55 was no tape!
So, moved wheel. Re - did turrets as was shooting left in r- L wind!

Not a good start, but roughly back on Zero after much twidling.
Only thing, Groups were not, groups.

So, onto a pointless 40 shots. Hit first two, kneelers but hit - miss over the open area, seemed to be going straight when others were giving Wind!
Missed the 1st target in the woods, 27 yards? Pellet moved inch left in no wind condition. Adjusted 4 clicks. Better, but still out?
Missed 25 yard reducer half inch out. No point trying as there was little or no accuaracy, Hope the Rev is back soon!

Came to the conclusion I should have cleanerd the Barrel Saturday night, so, will clean and test tomorrow at tondu?
This is just gonna be to easy simon ??? HOLLY WHOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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