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Default Trade involvement

Originally Posted by JEV View Post
So how about a Webley team for shooters using Mosquitos. In the end there wil be enough teams for evryone to win somthing. The real winners wil be the manufacturers and distributers who wil be able to capitalise on publicity and success.
Surley the BFTA should be looking for some sponsorship form the trade, and working with them to promote the FT scene, somthing which it desperatly needs if it is going to develop.

Luckily to an extent I agree with you, I have been working hard with the Trade for the GP series as the Trade Liaison Officer for the BFTA. Luckily for me alot of people who attended Sywell GP last year saw a great amount of prizes obtained from the Trade that would have put any competition series to shame.

It worked out in the region of 7,000 worth of prizes were raffled off after the competition had finished.

This year I am hoping to get each GP round sponsored by an individual sponsor and then have a smaller prize giving at the last GP of the season. I will still hope for some big prizes there but not all of them at 1 location. It is easier for myself to handle on the day....

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