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Originally Posted by ANDREW GILLOTT View Post
Well the the list you have provided above in my opinion would be fine to have a team sponsored by the manufacturers of those products. Lets say this for example.... if Josef Schulz the maker of JSB pellets said to you if you use my brand of pellet and promote my logo on your clothing and generaly represent my company in uk gp`s I will give you as many pellets as you need, pay for your travel costs and pay for your shoot fees what would you say? Like I said in my previous post the teams perameters need to be widened and not just solely fixed on rifles people are using to shoot the gp. still keep the constructors teams absolutely but whats wrong in allowing more teams to compete who are sponsored? After all does this form of sponsoring not happen in other sports?
I'm surprised you aren't using the Steyr for the GP's though Andrew
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