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No worries. It would be interesting to know who it was originally built for and when.

I am reasonably sure it was originally fitted to a nickel plated Pro-Target being sold by a shooter in Kent (IIRC) some time ago on the AirgunBBS, or at least it is identical to the one I saw in that advert. I regret not taking the plunge and buying the whole gun back then but c'est la vie.

Normally I don't particularly like Paul Wilson's styling and having tried a few I didn't find them suited to me, but this one almost feels like it was built to fit which is a a total bonus and I like the clean, simple styling. The sand bag has been very neatly fitted by setting threaded inserts into the wood and using M4 screws to retain it, although I did change from the rather large finger nut screw that came with it to the more restrained button head screws as seen here.

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