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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
Oi Spongeblobmuppetpants, I painted em just for you, with special mini kill paint
When you gonna start shooting that Walther as well as yer mouth then eh, the top boys would stand no chance then.
Getting there i think!...First slot at Buxted today....Brilliant course....bit scary but great!
Originally Posted by Mog View Post
Mikes favourite is black kill/black plate, the last time I shot at The Oaks I shot 3 targets at the point at which the string disappeared into the foliage, was quite happy with 1 dink and 2 donuts
You Love it Charlie...guess you weren't any good at 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'!!...We do have some tough ones i grant ya!

Wedding reception yesterday,till the early hours, today escorted my dear lady wife on a wine-tasting cruise on the Medway, at least I'll get a pass for the next few Sundays
That sounds like a good day out!...Missed you though!

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