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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Why buy new when you can get one secondhand berty . if you want to give your dosh away good luck to you .personally i have to earn mine the hard way . 1400 will buy you a 8002 secondhand . the trigger is better than my 2002 and the loading system . but it is no more accurate than mine and twice the money .oh and as for you doing well in the GPs . well the good shots have come back from holiday now ??? HOLLY

At the end of the day fella, if it was you paying for my kit then you can tell me what to spend, luckily for me I used my own hard earned money to buy what I want. I wanted a March so I saved some money and sold alot of kit off to pay for it. It would be nice to say that I just had the cash availaable to buy it but in reality I didnt. As for the rest of my ft rig, Im sure you paid more for your second hand Schutz than what I paid for mine. Luckily I did well in the last few years at the GP's to help with that.

Im not one to have a go at people for the up and coming season, I am looking forward to it seeing the lads etc and competing against one another. The lads who are back off holidays must have been there the last 3 years mind, obviously including yourself????? Maybe not eh............?

Lets see what the year brings though eh, be better to chat face to face instead of playing the old mind games on here fella. Im a bit too long in the tooth to see into that Holly but if you want to think that then happy days bud........

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