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Default Costs etc

Originally Posted by holly View Post
Cost .March about three grand .walther 1500 upwards .
Cost . secondhand anschutz . 650 to 750 . leupold comp X secondhand 600 ( plus a quid for super glue )
Results . just about the same . you do the math ??? HOLLY

I like your style bud, well I am lying really.

Your living in old times fella, there are some good schutz's out there it has to be said.

How much for aNEW schutz though that has to be worked on by Mr Welham or Jon lets say about 1900 (new mind) and thats a good price.

Price of a new Comp not second hand like your saying which would be about 1000.

Work the maths fella, thats more than a March scope.....

Sadly for you, you like to put down second hand prices. My toy is new there is a diferrence.

I will defend it as the money came out of my pocket and not yours, if you were paying then hey you could have a crack, as it is you can just try and speculate.

With regards to my EV2 like I said if I knew what to do cleaning internals etc, mine would be perfect. i had a little issue that Doz sorted in 5 minutes. Once that was sorted, it was back on. Has to be said, I didnt have a bad year in 2010 with mine........!!!

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