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Default Ar20

Hi friends,Last sunday I shot mine for the first time the Hammerly ar20ft ,I did not understand in the begining of this tread the 200bar fill ? does it harm the rifle to be filled at 300 bar coz it is stated that it`s designed for coz if it may resut in problems i fill only 200 bar.anyway last sunday I filled mine with290 bar doing equal preassure of the scuba tank and shot it till it reached 100 bar .chrono was absolutly brilliant and accuracy is very very good ,I bought the rifle 2 months after I bought the lg300 aluthec dominator and chrono results are the same .I have aswell steyr lg110 and ev2 mk4 and this rifle is less than half the price and shooting performance in terms of of accuracy and consistence till now is equal to all my fleet .Rear stock is durable plastic but for my point of view when you start dropping targets you forget that it`s not aluminium and you live with it .Mine is set as an ft rig coz my dominator was rigged for hft ,and if you intend to use yours for hft it`s even better coz with a diamond on top it`s a heavy rifle,and hft you need smaller scopes.
Hope this helps
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