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Todays session was an enlightening one.

Managed to remove the anti tamper without too much fuss on the Red Ev2.

Down to tondu for testing session and more importantly, fitting the Gary Cane Stock.
Got to say the red action looks the biz in the stock and indeed, as I was admiring the new combination of GC stock, No 1 Luep and "REV" the clouds parted and a large hand appeared surrounded by bright sunshine. It handed me a note saying "this gun looks soooo good I am blessing it, it shall from this day fourth be known as "The Reverend" and you shall win a Gp with it. So Rev for short!

I`m not taking my shooting seriously enough perhaps

Anyway, it looks and shoots like very nice, despite only managing to turn the side screw up from 770 -790 10.5 ft/lbs fps with express. So 15 - 20 short of where i want to be.

I set up and was surprised to find dialing from 50m - 35 m much as previous, but dropping a bit further closer in.

So, Sized pellet testing was the order of the day.

Started with unsized ones however for a comparrison, which was interesting as they were as tight as could be. There was a breeze which made grouping pellet on pellet a bit tricky as the wind kept picking up and dying from 0 - 1 inch wind at 45m.

Tried unsized, 4.49, 4,51 and 4.52. 10 shot groups at 45m and 50m.
Apart from the wind, there was nothing really between any of them? If i had to pick one and I going to i may try sizing to 4.51.

It was noticable how much tighter the pellet felt being squashed through 4.49 than 4.51 or 4.52.

About the only thing i picked up was that unsized, i occasionally got a high shot, half inch to as much as an inch high? Certainly enough to miss a 25 ml kill and probably a full kill, dont talk about 15 ml!

I dont weigh the pellets but will try doing that on a sized batch just to confirm, but with all the sized ones it was only wnd drift. Height was spot on.

Got some new Dai numbers coming to test too hopefully on friday?

Last note to self, 2nd stage weight and travel needs sorting, quite spungy as it is.
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